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Computer Guided dental implant surgery is a procedure in which a template or surgical guide is made utilizing advanced technology we offer here at Luth and Heideman Center for Dental Care. We are able to use 3D Scan software that allows us to create a virtual procedure on a patient and view if he or she is a good candidate for an implant. This also allows the placement of an implant in a very precise position. With the 3D Scan we can also evaluate the amount of bone and determine whether or not a patient needs a bone graft.

The incredible precision offered by this computer guided surgery allows for Dr. Luth and Dr. Heideman to virtually eliminate the need of large incisions and sutures during implant placement. It also allows the doctors to mill the guide with a CAD/CAM milling unit in the office. Milling in our office eliminates the standard two weeks for guide fabrication and allows us to potentially place your implant the same day. This technique also reduces the duration of the procedure, minimized discomfort and speedy recovery.

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Computer Guided Dental Implant 3D Scan